Abu Dhabi Activities - Island Camping or Picnic

Island Hopping up to 5 Pax (AED 1250)

for more info please call +971555 404 500 

Seize this great opportunity to celebrate or enjoy a remarkable day on an island with friends and family.

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi consists of a large group of unmanned crystal clear water islands and with this package you get to enjoy the best of Abu Dhabi's Offshores.

The offer includes
Pick up  & drop off to the Island
Tables, Chairs, Shade and BBQ Setup 
All you need to bring with you is your food and Drinks
Package cost depending on the no of people
AED 1250/  5 PAX
AED 2500/15 PAX
AED 3750/30 PAX

Spend a day out on one of the most remarkable islands of Abu Dhabi after a 45 minute cruise, where on your arrival you shall have a setup ready just for you. 

Optional services are available at extra cost. 

Transportation from Abu Dhabi by 25 Seated coach:- AED 750 (per shuttle)
Generator, with lights and electricity cords:- AED 500
Outdoor Music sound system 500 watts up to 8 hours with Aux wire:- AED 500
Water sports donuts rides, including all safety equipment:- AED 400 per hour
International buffet, 5 main course meal:-  AED 200 per person
Camp Fire wood :-  AED 50 per bundle (15kgs)
Tents 3x3 meters up to 4 people:- AED 50 per tent
Cooler box rental:- AED 50 per day
Sleeping bags:- AED 50 per bag 

for more info
0555 404 500

Package Cost : 1250.00 AED